True Spirituality

Author: George Wright


The Church at Corinth serves as an example of what happens when followers of Jesus let the culture impact them more than they impact the culture. There may have been no group of believers in the New Testament that lived in the midst of a culture most like America than this church. Corinth was a rich, materialistic, pseudo-intellectual, sensual, multi-cultural, and religiously diverse city. And... the church struggled with all these things.

Paul's essential message was the power of the cross. True spirituality is not found in experiences or human intellectual pursuits. It's not found in following great spiritual leaders or the activity of men.

True spirituality is the product of the cross. The cross is—at all times—the central message of the Bible. And because of the work of Christ, He calls us into partnership with Him. Until you come to grips with the message of the gospel, you may have the tendency to believe the Bible is a book that teaches us how to live morally. The problem with that is there are plenty of very moral people who do not follow Christ. Much of what is taught in churches today, therefore, ends up being humanism dressed up in church language.

The message of the cross is not that we should live better or be more moral... the message is that we are incapable of pleasing God apart from the work of Jesus. This is where true spirituality lies. Not in our goodness, but in Christ's!

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