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Be Still...


Author: Buddy Hoffman

I have a friend who is the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Snellville, GA. Here's a great word I want to share with you from Buddy:

"The problem for Christians in our day is not so much that we are actively evil—It’s that we are just too active. It’s not that we are criminally engaged—we are just inattentive to the voice of God. We are not heretics—we are just hectic.

Minds that are empty of God are empty of meaning. Our hunger for God is numbed by our addictions to substitutes and stimulants that hide our starving souls. We’re spiritual anorexics. We’ve morphed into a point where we don’t even recognize what the spiritual norm is.

Today’s lifestyle is lived at a pace that makes contemplation all but impossible and most people can’t imagine a life like Jesus lived. We can’t imagine a life without constant informational connectivity. We live in a noisy world where there is a lot competing for our attention; TV, phones, Facebook, emails. But the unintended consequence of constant informational connectivity is divine disconnection. We are so distracted with inconsequential information; our brains and our hearts are overloaded with timely data leaving no space for timely deity.

We are called to live a preoccupation with God who is worthy to be pursued at all costs and who is pursuing us. Yet, we find ourselves in an age that has pushed the knowledge of God into the margins and we arrogantly assume that God should be grateful for the crumbs of our overcrowded schedule.

We call ourselves efficient but God has not called us to be efficient; He called us to be passionate.

We are spiritually diseased. We have more to eat but are spiritually famished… We have more stuff but are less satisfied…"

It’s time to make time for the timeless… It’s time to “be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

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