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Youth TRIP


Location:  Philippines
Start Date:  2012-06-22
End Date:  2012-07-01


We were extremely blessed as we stayed at some of the most wonderful places and met the most humble and gracious people in the Philippines.  This trip changed all of our lives and opened our eyes to the world we all live in.  This picture was taken on the island of Behol at a bee farm that grows and produces everything they need for day to day life.

We ate many different meals, at many different locations and got to see how the people of the Philippines cook.

We saw first hand what the clinics and government hospitals are like.  They are not clean, do not have updated machines and medical equipment, they are over crowded.

We were fortunate enough to go to several villages and pass out Operation Christmas Child boxes.  This was an amazing experience as well.  You realize as each child opens this small box, just how little they have.  They are jumping with joy over each item (no matter the size, cost, color or number of items) in that box.

We also got the opportunity to visit a church in Toledo (still the Philippines) and work on the parsonage for the widow who is still running the church.  Children flock to this church, which has a nice open lot next door with a volleyball net, basketball hoop and space to run.  Some of us were able to go to the market and help shop for linens and draperies.

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