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Online GIVING Now Available

Message from Pastor George

Hello Church,


We are pleased to announce Mt. Calvary Baptist Church will now provide online giving as an option – a convenient and secure way to make a one-time or recurring donation.   When you choose to give online, your donation will transfer directly to our bank account.  This is a convenience for you as you no longer need to remember to stop by the ATM or remember to bring your checkbook or mail a check.  It also helps us as recurring donations provide consistency and efficiency, easing the work for our back office administration.


To give online, click on blue  “Online GIVING” button above to launch our giving page.  You can Sign in or continue as a guest. As a guest you do not need to be a member and still give.  As a member in the Realm system it will save your profile giving information so you only need to enter it one time. If you are a member, attend regular and do not have access to Realm, I would encourage you to get access to Realm.  You can contact Steve Cone ( for help.  Having access and a Realm user ID will give you the ability to log in at any time to view your prior online donations or make changes to any recurring gifts you may have scheduled.  Whether you choose to create a Profile or not, you can setup a one-time or recurring donation.


When you give online, the following payment methods are available:


eChecks: This is a very cost effective way to give to Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.  By entering your bank’s routing and account number, you can make a one-time or recurring donation.


Credit Cards (sorry no Debit Cards): We understand that many people use credit cards as an alternative to paper checks or exercise responsible use of credit cards as a way to conveniently manage expenses.  Many cards today offer valuable points, such as air miles, which can be an added incentive.  As with eChecks, you can also setup one-time or recurring donations.



Pastor George

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